Sunday, 20 March 2011


This week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge from Randy Seaver was to make up new words or phrases - "genealogisms" - that deal with some aspect of genealogy.

Here are my suggestions:

Cititis - severe form of OCD, when you spend more time composing source citations than doing research

Microphilmia - a love of doing research

Sourcophobia - an irrational fear of reading anything by Elizabeth Shown Mills

Namerology - collecting and adding as many names as possible to a family tree

Samerology - copying someone else's family tree

Beyond the Pond - tracing your immigrant ancestors back to the old country

The Evidencia - professional genealogy mafia, over concerned with the placement of commas

Geneasnob - someone who wants to trace their ancestry back to royalty

Geneaslob - anyone who doesn't bother to cite their sources

Geneabug - addiction to genealogy

Geneaplug - TV advert for Ancestry or Find My Past

Geneameet - a genealogy conference

Geneatweet - publicising your genealogy on Twitter

Tree Rage - extreme anger brought on by finding your ancestors have been wrongly added to someone else's tree

Tree Envy - wishing you could swap your ag labs for someone else's aristocrats

Teenealogist - younger than average family historian

Greenealogist - someone who cycles to the record office and takes notes on a solar powered laptop; someone who only has Irish ancestry

Meanealogist - a person who only uses free genealogy websites

Hasbeenealogist - a person who no longer gets asked to speak at conferences

Ancestors Anonymous - support organisation for genealogy addicts


  1. These are very funny, thanks for sharing!! I was a Teenealogist when I caught the Geneabug. Unfortunately when I started out tracing my ancestors Beyond the Pond I was a bit of a Geneslob with a interest in Namerology and Samerology and with slight traces of Tree Envy!! I think I now have Microphilmia, hopefully without Sourcophobia :)

  2. You came up with some really good ones!!

  3. ROFLMAO! [rolling on floor laughing my ahnentafel off!]

  4. Oh, Caroline these are super. I'll add them to the geneadictionary some time soon. Will link back here when I write them up.