Saturday, 30 July 2011

SNGF: 10 Signs you have summer holiday GOCD

For tonight's SNGF challenge, Randy Seaver has invited us to add to Michael John Neill's list of 10 Signs You Have Genealogy OCD.

As we are in the middle of the summer holidays, I decided to base my list on that theme:


Summer Holiday


  1. You book your holiday accommodation in a former ancestral hometown - if possible, in a former ancestral home.

  2. You pack your laptop, notebook and pencils but forget your swimsuit and sunblock.

  3. You take three days to get there because of all the genealogy related stops along the way.

  4. You spend your days in the archives / cemetery whilst your family go to the beach.

  5. You spend one evening at the local genealogy society meeting.

  6. You spend your other evenings researching online whilst your family watch TV.

  7. You send reproductions of old postcards to your friends and family back home.

  8. You buy local maps and histories as souvenirs.

  9. You are Facebook friends with all the local genealogists by the time you leave.

  10. All your holiday snaps are of gravestones.