Saturday, 3 September 2011

SNGF - Ahnentafel Roulette

Tonight's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge from Randy Seaver is:

  1. How old would your great-grandfather be now, if he had lived? Divide this number by four and round off to a whole number. This is your "roulette number."
  2. Use your pedigree charts to find the person with that number in your ahnentafel. Who is that person?
  3. Tell us three facts about the person with that "roulette number."

My great-grandfather, Rev Alban Edgar Brunskill Davis, was born in 1852. Had he lived, he would be 159 years old. Dividing this number by four gives me a "roulette number" of 40.

Number 40 in my ahnentafel is my 3x great grandfather, William Eaton, 1777-1857.

My three facts about William are:

  1. He was a carpenter in the small village of Dean in Bedfordshire and also had a side line selling beer. He was the fifth in an unbroken line of seven generations of Eatons who were carpenters in Dean, spanning the period 1679 to 1898.
  2. He married three times.
    • His first wife was Elizabeth Hardwick, 1779-1814. Elizabeth was from Great Staughton in Huntingdonshire, where they married in 1801. William was two years older than Elizabeth.
    • His second wife was Martha Windsor, 1796-1820. They married in Dean in 1815. William was 19 years older than Martha.
    • His third wife was my 3x great grandmother, Elizabeth Panther, 1802-1868. William was 25 years older than Elizabeth.
  3. As a result of these three marriages, William had 17 children over a period of 39 years, from 1803 to 1842. His last child was born when he was 65:
    • With Elizabeth Hardwick he had eight children:
      • Sarah Eaton, 1803-1803
      • William Eaton, 1804-1824
      • Thomas Eaton, 1805
      • Samuel Eaton, 1806
      • Mary Eaton, 1808
      • Hannah Eaton, 1809
      • John Eaton, 1811
      • Joseph Eaton, 1813-1814
    • With Martha Windsor he had only one child:
      • Elizabeth Eaton, 1816
    • With Elizabeth Panther he had eight children:
      • Robert Eaton, 1822-1898
      • Sarah Eaton, 1823-1832
      • Ann Burgess Eaton, 1825
      • Emma Eaton, 1828
      • William Eaton, 1829
      • Mary Eaton, 1832
      • Sally Burgess Eaton, 1839
      • Samuel Panther Eaton, 1842

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